Photos from the village of Chiransa

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children playing

Here are some of the very friendly children at Chiransa

children sitting at desks

Every child at Chiransa Primary School now has a desk to sit at, thanks to the generosity of ADUMASA Alternative Gifts purchasers last year.

Football kits being given to delighted Chiransa teachers and staff by the charity

Spontaneous cheers broke out in Chiransa when we presented the secondhand football kit!

Plymouth University t-shirts being given to delighted Ghanaian children

Plymouth University Freshers Week T-shirts are gratefully received in Ghana... if a little on the large side!

old run-down classrooms with foundations of a new building

Here we see the old classrooms, new canteen in the background and the foundations for new classrooms in the foreground

Children waving good bye

Children of Chiransa waving good bye

Children with skipping ropes

The children of Chiransa are delighted to have new skipping ropes.

Water pump being constructed

Finishing touches being put to the new water pump for the school.

football team with new kit

The Chiransa team now have a new football kit.

man with skipping rope

A teacher in Chiransa holds the new skipping ropes.

rooms being built

Chiransa school now has two more classrooms, here almost complete.

library building

This is the Chiransa Gotfried Christian Library and Kindergarten.


This is the new Chiransa Kindergarten.

library building

The new library at Chiransa .

opening ceremony for new buildings

Official opening of Chiransa new library and kindergarten.

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