Photos from the village of Bedaase

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Bedaase library building

The Gerrard Library at Bedaase was officially opened autumn 2007. We want to increase the number of books and after school useage by children and villagers.

brank new books ready to be read

Some new books for Bedaase library.

Nursery children eating lunch

Bedasse nursery children happily eating their lunch

New building being named

The Curtis Block in Bedasse being officially named in autumn 2007

children carrying water

Children near Bedaase carrying water.

brand new waterpump in village

The waterpump at Bedaase means that all inhabitants of this village now have safe water to drink

Old but strong-looking rice bags held by children

Ghanaian children often use an old rice bag as a school bag! These bags are large and come with strong handles

A Bedaase child looking very happy as she recieves her sponsor's goft.

This child looks very happy at recieving her gift from a sponsor.

people climb into a pick-up.

Everyone tries to climb into the new pick-up as it leaves Bedaase.

Football team in their new strip

The Bedaase football team in their new kit.

man with new sportswear

The headmaster of Bedaase school shows off the new sports equipment for the children.

a photo of many children

Bedaase School Photograph - everyone waving!

lots of toys

Bedaase Woolly dollies and scoubies were a big hit!

Football kit being given

The Bedaase football team are excited have been given another new football kit from Exmouth Town Junior Football Club.

children playing with toys

The Bedaase preschool now has new megablocks!

old building

This is the old kitchen at Bedaase.


Bedaase - Blocks for new kitchen.


This is the Bedaase new kitchen.

Old buildings awaiting refurbishment

These are the older school buildings which will be now refurbished to create enough classrooms to accommodate the existing school and the new Junior High School at Bedaase.

Old buildings are being refurbished and extended to create enough classrooms to accommodate the existing school and the new Junior High School at Bedaase.

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