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Children in the Adumasa library

Adumasa children spend time after school in the library.

Man giving new book to children in a school library

Malcolm Curtis (Rosemary's husband) presented a new dictionary to the Adumasa School Librarian in autumn 2007. The librarian is a ghanaian student on a gap year. Books are always gratefully received as long as they are complete and in simple english. Primary age reading books are particularly required, as well as relatively up to date reference books.

teachers showing new books in library

We always take resources for the schools out to Ghana when we visit. Here is the headmaster of Adumasa (Mr Appiah) and the kindergarten teacher (Esther), with a selection of items we took autumn 2007.

Man holding photos from England in front of Ghanaian library

Our full-time ghanaian worker P A Appiah-Fei (Fei to his friends - Mr Fei to the children!) holding the photos sent by Thurlestone Primary School, Devon, in front of the Rosemary Curtis Library at Adumasa.

Children learning in a classroom

French refresher class run by Pam Latimer in Oct 2007.

teams of children playing football in different colours for each team

Inter school football tournament....No demarkated pitch, very few rules, and an awful lot of enthusiasm!!!

A child recieving a gift from a sponsor

A child is delighted to receive a gift from a sponsor.

Adumasa football team in new strip

The football team at Adumasa now have a new kit which was very gratefully received.

Children recieving toys

The Preschool children at Adumasa are receiving toys from Exwick Ark Preschool.

Assembled children in the school

The Adumasa school assembly.

The Adumasa guesthouse

The Adumasa guesthouse.

Inside the guesthouse.

Here is a view from inside the guesthouse.

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