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The new Science lab at Adumasa Junior High School is finished, and operational. We left enough money at Easter 2013 to purchase enough chemicals and science equipment so that whole classes can do experiements together. We also left a periodic table chart for the wall in Ghana, though it was a little smaller than we expected, so a bigger one was presented in 2014!

The IT Suite and High School Library at Adumasa Junior High School were officially opened early 2012. The Latimer Computer Centre has various secondhand computers and laptops, networked so they can use one mobile internet dongle connection, and the new WiFi hotspot. It is open outside school hours to offer computer lessons and internet access to the whole community. The Ghanaian government has also supplied 24 netbooks for the school, so more and more children are able to be taught at the same time. The new library has been created from two small rooms at the end of the Latimer block,and provides a library and study space for the Junior High Schooo students. The library was organised by some Austrian students, who also organised the primary library. Whilst doing this they discovered that there is a need for simple, colourful reading books for younger children. Please contact us if you have any suitable books, or would like to contribute to us purchasing further books for the libraries.

The second stream of the Junior High School at Adumasa is going really well, with more students benefiting from JHS education, but more manageable class sizes for teachers. The primary school at Adumasa is also expanding with some classes now split into two streams and occupying storerooms and the old senior high school canteen... we need to think about creating more classrooms for the primary school.

We have converted the old boys domitory and 'bakers house' at Adumasa into a house for the primary head teacher and rooms that can be let to individual teachers and their families. Work has also commenced on teachers accommodation at Bedaase and Chiransa. Since teachers are allocated to schools in Ghana (you don't get to choose), and they are moved around reguarly, we have identified teachers accommodation as an important issue we want to address. It costs about £12,500 to build a bungalow that can accommodate up to 4 teachers. If you would like to donate to help build teachers bungalows then please contact us to find out more.


The new Junior High School at Bedasse is now in it's fourth year, and the first students graduated in Summer 2014. The churches and schools in Austria have raised funds to build enough classrooms for each class to have their own space, and whilst we were there at Easter 2013, we were able to officially open the newly refurbished and extended Trinty Block. It has been agreed that the new JHS will occupy the Curtis Block, and that the Trinity Block will accommodate KG to Primary 3. At Easter 2014 we agreed to fund, and opened, a Creche at Bedaase, so that mothers have somewhere safe to leave their children whilst they work on the farm, or go elsewhere to work.

Trinity Block at Bedaase was refurbished and extended to create new Key Stage 1 Block

Above - The Trinity Block at Bedaase was refurbished and extended to create the much needed new classrooms for the kindergarten and lower primary classes.


Those churches and Schools in Austria have been busy fund-raising again, and there is now a football pitch, (created out of a bit of cleared jungle!!!),to join the new library and Kindergarten, that opened in 2011. The inaugral football match was played between Bedaase and Chiransa Easter 2013, and it hosted the Tri-school football tournament at Easter 2014. The Gustaf Adolf, which contains six new classrooms, was also funded by the Austrians. All we need to do now is refurbish some of the old classrooms in the government block. Chiransa villagers, staff and pupils have worked so hard to improve the school, and are now building some teachers accommodation...

Water pump being constructed

Above - The new water pump for Chiransa school.

Slightly older news....

Following on from Kingsbridge Community College, Thurlestone Primary School and West Alvington Primary School being awarded British Council money to set up an exchange programme with the schools in Ghana. The first trip by teachers from the UK to Ghana happened in February 2010, with a return visit of teachers from Ghana in June 2010.The trip seems to have been much enjoyed by the British teachers, who were impressed by the level of commitment and the standards set by the Ghanaian teachers. The Ghanaian teachers also enjoyed their trip, and are keen to maintain links with the partner schools.

Older News

new pick-up

Churches and schools in Austria have been very busy fund-raising for the ADUMASA projects in Ghana, so far they have paid for a new four wheel drive pickup for our full-time administrator in Ghana (really needed when you see the roads!), and they have also raised enough money to build six new classrooms at Chiransa. They are now fund-raising to build the Junior High School at Bedaase, which will serve the children of Bedaase and Chiransa. We are becoming a truly international project - Praise the Lord! The Rotary Club in Kumasi has also stepped in with funding to provide new latrines at Chiransa and Bedaase, and to pay for a new water pump actually in the Chiransa school grounds, so they don't need to share with the village (what luxury!).

Old classrooms at Chiransa

Above - Old classrooms at Chiransa.

new classrooms at Chiransa

Above - New Classrooms at Chiransa.

Many of you will have seen photos of the old Bedaase kitchen facilities. The Chief and community at Bedaase requested that we help them to rebuild the old mud block building with a new concrete block purpose built school kitchen. We paid for the materials and the community made the blocks and built the kitchen. We sold 'blocks' at £1 a time to raise the funds we needed, and finally we have finished the building! The new kitchen even has a sink to wash up in, which will soon be supplied with water via a rainwater harvesting system. The cooks are very pleased with their new facilities!

Teachers in Bedaase now have bicycles to get to school on... Due to the generousity of ADUMASA Alternative Gift givers in 2007 we have now been able to supply 5 bicycles to the hardworking teachers at Bedaase,who previously had a very long walk to get to school. Alternative gift givers have also paid for new bookcases and cupboards in the classrooms at Bedaase Primary School, not to mention more books for the library and stationary!

All three villages now have fresh, clean water from boreholes, thanks to all the generous donations we have recieved. Clean water really is the difference between life and death in Ghana, and everyone's health has improved as a consequence.

Our 2008 Emergency Appeal, to continue feeding the children following the huge increase in rice prices, was a massive success, with many generous one off donations, as well as increases to monthly giving from new and old sponsors alike. Thank to everyone who dug deep to help us to continue to feed the children. It really does make a huge difference for the children to receive 5 hot meals a week.

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News in the UK

On 28th April 2006, Rosemary Curtis (founder of the Adumasa charity) lost her battle with cancer and was taken home to be with all the saints praising God in heaven. The loss of beloved 'Nana Rose' is mourned by the children of Adumasa, Bedaase and Chiransa, our supporters in Ghana and in the UK; and of course by her husband, Malcolm, her four children and the rest of her family.

A packed memorial service was held on 8th May 2006 at Kingsbridge Baptist Church, where we thanked God for her life and her determination to do God's work against all the odds. Tributes were given by the family and were read out on behalf of the people of Ghana. Donations for the work in Ghana continued to flood in and it is the intention to complete the Vocational Technical School in Adumasa by this Autumn, as Rosemary had hoped. Rosemary's ashes were buried in Ghana in the autumn of 2007. Please view the tribute to Rosemary from YouTube below.

The Board of Trustees has been increased in size and is committed to continuing the work that God inspired Rosemary to do. On the day that Rosemary died the machines arrived at our third village, Chiransa, to commence drilling on the bore hole to provide clean water for the village.

God is Great!

Holiday Showdown TV programme

On the 27th of November 2003 on ITV at 9pm a popular reality television series called `Holiday Showdown` was aired nationwide, featuring the charity and the people behind it. This programme has since been repeated and continues to draw more people into the work of the charity.

If you are reading this message because you saw the show on ITV, we hope you enjoyed it . Hopefully the reality of the conditions in Ghana was brought home. We are grateful for the opportunity to show you what we are trying to do. Although it was a family show and all about  two contrasting families, we hope we touched the hearts of the nation with our work.

We have to step outside the box, and remember that it was more important for the nation to see what can be done to help children like those in Adumasa, than what  we get up to as a family on someone else's holiday or in private. How were we portrayed? As we really are or as they chose to edit; are we boring for seeking to help others to survive? Were the reviews in the UK good or bad? None of that matters as long as we touched someone's heart somewhere and somehow.

We think the show was Great!

We have received feedback from so many lovely people.


Thank you all for tuning in, and thank you for your support.

If you want more info, or simply want to tell us how the show affected you, use the details on the contact us page of this website, we would love to hear from you.

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