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Just for Fun

Here are some Ghanaian names which apply to days of the week. These are common names of children in Ghana. If you don't know which day of the week you were born on..., for a small donation, we will be able to tell you!

Weekday Girls name Boy's name
Monday Adwoaa Kwadwo
Tuesday Abena Kwabena
Wednesday Akua Kwaku
Thursday Yaa Yaw
Friday Afia Kofi
Saturday Ama Kwame
Sunday Akosua Akwasi

Ghana Links

Here are numerous links related to Ghana, the Ashanti region and its people and other useful information. If you know of a site which is relevant to the Adumasa project which is not on this page, feel free to contact us and let us know.

TV and Radio programmes about Ghana

World food prices are rising, with rice prices the latest to hit the headlines. The BBC carried the following item about Ghana's need to boost local rice production "

In January 2008 the BBC World Service made a series of programmes called "A Dollar a Day" documenting how people in some countries of the world live with only a dollar a day. The fourth programme in the series was on Ghana, and more specifically, children and young people. Please feel free to listen to this programme as gives a very good representation of what education is like now in Ghana

Ghana General Information

The "Ghanahomepage" site holds a wealth of information and resources related to Ghana. For a brief overview of Ghana please read

The National Geographic's website also has information on Ghana. Access this at

Visit the Ghana government homepage which has links to many other useful sites.

Detailed Information about Ghana, its Regions and People

For detailed economic details on Ghana, please see

To read about the education system in Ghana (Please note this system has just changed, new information on this will follow), please click on the following link

For the geography, climate, nature, various languages and statistics for the population of Ghana, see:

Discover the array of foods produced and eaten in Ghana, at

Read about Health Statistics in Ghana at

Planning to travel to Ghana, the Ghanaian tourism board has information at and

The Ashanti Region and People

Find out about the Ashanti Region of Ghana where the Adumasa project is centred by clicking on

Discover more about the capital of the region, Kumasi, by accessing

Wikipedia also has information on the Ashanti region and its people. See:

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