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Welcome to the website of ADUMASA, a UK based charity, helping three small villages, Adumasa, Bedaase, and Chiransa, in the Ashanti region of Ghana, in West Africa. We are a Christian based charity and are a completely non-profit making organisation. We are always seeking new sponsors and donations to help the children in the villages from anyone and everyone worldwide.

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ADUMASA was set up in 1994 to minister the love of God to the people of the Ashanti region of Ghana. Reg. Charity No. 1088297

map of Ghana showing perspective of where the three project villages are locatedClick for a larger image of this map of Ghana

20 Years of Making a Real Difference

2014 marks 20 years since ADUMASA first started sending pencils and exercise books to support the schools in Ghana... What along way we have come since then! Unfortunately we were unable to hold big celebrations in either Ghana, or the UK, this year due to a variety of reasons, but we have big things planned for 2015!! In February 2015 we hope to kick off the celebrations in Ghana, and then in April we will be holding celebrations in Kingsbridge... More news to follow.

Fund-raising News

We had one of the best summer fund-raising season in years. We are now planning our Christmas fund-raising events. If you are organising any events and you could find space for us, please contact us!

Annual visit to Ghana

 Volunteers Easter 2013

Trustees, Pam Latimer & Alice Knight, visited Adumasa over Easter 2014. They were accompanied by a mother and daughter, Yolanda and Sophie Cattell, Yolanda came with us last year and we were delighted that she could return and bring another of her delightful daughters with her! We had enough small toys for every kindergaten child at Adumasa, Bedaase and Chiransa.... and for all the older children at Bedaase and Chiransa too! The following is a list of some the things we took out...

  • Hundreds of 'Happy meal' and other small toys
  • Megabloks & Lego
  • Plastic, sturdy educational toys and lots of games to share with whole classes
  • Lots and lots of bright and colourful early reading books
  • Lots of pairs of knitting needles and balls of wool!
  • Sports equipment
  • Lots of pencils, colouring pencils, felt tips, pencil sharpeners, rulers, etc
  • A large peroiodic table for the science lab
  • USB memory sticks
  • Mobile internet dongles
  • And 4 laptops
  • Plus lots of money to use as we, and the Ghanaian Trustees saw fit...
  •  Items taken out 2013

    This is what all the various items listed above look like....when spread out on some beds!

    If you want to see what we got up to, you can see a day by day account, just 'Like' the ADUMASA Facebook page, and you can see all the photos and updates that we posted on a regular basis... you can almost imagine you're there with us...!


    We have had several volunteers visiting Adumasa this year. They have worked on various projects in and around our schools at Adumasa, Bedaase and Chiransa. If you are interested in short, or long-term, volunteering to help the ADUMASA projects please contact us. You don't need any particular experience (though teaching experience is great), and all we expect is that you raise your own airfare and living costs whilst in Ghana. Contact us to find out more...

    Recent Building Projects

    Buildings at Bedaase to be refurbished and extended to create new classrooms

    Above - Older buildings at Bedaase were refurbished and extended to create the much needed new classroom block below, hardly recognisable I'm sure you'll agree! We officially opened this block whilst we were visiting at Easter 2013.... cue dancing and speaches!

    Refurbished and extended classroom building at Bedaase

    We will still need more money to upgrade the older classrooms at Chiransa, and provide teachers accommodation at all the schools; so please continue to help us by giving 'blocks' as an alternative gift this year, or better still set up a standing order to donate money to ADUMASA each month. You will literally be changing a childs life for a few pounds a month. If you can help please use the Contact Us page of this site, or download a donation form on the Help Us page and send it back to us.

    Older News - In Brief!

    The new Junior High School at Bedaase started a third year in September 2013 and goes from strength to strength. The first students graduated in Summer 2014. The school also serves the village of Chiransa and means that far more children continue to secondary education as they no longer have a long walk to the nearest JHS.

    A second stream of Junior High School at Adumasa also opened in September 2011, this is desperately needed as more and more children want to continue their education to at least JHS3

    Adumasa can now connect to the internet!!! Whilst we were there in March 2011 we managed to purchase and set up a mobile dongle attached to a router that will connect several computers to the internet... In 2014 we managed to purchase and set up a mobile 'hot spot', which will provide WiFi access for the Computer Centre and School Offices. The school wants to set up it's own website... we'll keep you posted. The IT Centre is open to the public in the evenings & weekends so that the locals can learn how to use computers and the internet, this is funded by users paying a small fee. Everyone is very excited about this development and it will enable our partner schools in the UK to contact their contempories in Adumasa much more easily.... once we have the money to fund the internet connection each month...

    Cards and Gifts

    Why not order your Christmas and greetings cards through ADUMASA this year. We have teamed up with Phoenix Trading to offer you a beautiful selection of cards and accessories. Greetings cards prices start from 75p each (reducing to 60p for 10 or more), with a large selection of cards at �1.50 (reducing to �1.20 for 10 or more). Christmas cards start from �2.75 a pack and there are some wonderful advent calendars and other christmas items. We raised �800 for the charity in 2013-14. Check out Phoenix Tradings website for more details of the cards available and to order online https://www.phoenix-trading.co.uk/web/aliceknight (opens in new window) . All profits from the sale of the cards and other items will go to the work of ADUMASA. For more details see the Gifts and Crafts page.

    Phoenix Cards


    To see how the project has been getting along over the past few months, why not download our newsletter (*.pdf format). Other news of interest is now on the News section of this site along with alternative formats of this newsletter.

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