Accessing Flash movies with screenreaders

The tribute from YouTube on the News section of this site is in Flash. Some screenreaders will not pick out where abouts the moovie is accurately, but if you try to place the curser between the paragraph about the moovie and the next about "the board of trustees..." then, if you are a JAWS user, do the following:

  1. Go into the PC curser mode rather than the Virtual mode used to explore pages, by pressing "insert + \\z".
  2. Try to locate the curser between the two paragraphs as shown above
  3. Press space bar or enter in the gap between the paragraphs and the moovie should play
  4. When the moovie is running, return to the virtual curser to continue exploring webpages with "insert +z"

If you use other screenreaders it is possible the moovie will not be detected but just try pressing space bar or enter or clicking in the gaps between the paragraphs.

We are not sure at present why the moovie is not picked out acurately as it is on Youtube but we are working on this.

If you still cannot get the moovie to play, either ask for assistance, or keep reading further in this page for a description of it.

Description of Flash Moovie from YouTube as a tribute to Rosemary

This moovie usually takes a long time to load too so be pacient. It is composed of the Elton John song "Candle in the Wind" as heard around the death of Princess Diana, and a sequence of images to accompany the song showing the life and various activities of Rosemary Kurtis.

We hope this page has been helpful for those who like me are visually impaired. If you have any questions or feedback do not hesitate to e-mail Beth Swain