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For something unusual, and that doesn't require wrapping, how about selecting one of our alternative gifts for your friends and family?


Give a book for £1.00 – a bargain!
Or buy £5 and £10 book packs!


Drawings materials cost only £5.00 so the
kids can be creative!

Book Case

A new bookcase or cupboard for storing
books & equipment costs £20….


Writing materials cost only £10.00 for a whole class.


School dinners for one child for one month costs an amazing £7.00.


A bicycle for a dedicated teacher to get to school costs just £25.


And the ever, popular school desks... enrolment is up so we need more desks at £15 each.


Thinking a little bigger - pay for the borehole to be serviced. It only costs £100.00


See those smiles - a selection of sports equipment costs £20.00.

Children wearing new pink uniforms

New school uniforms for a whole class only costs £150.00.

All these gifts will make a real difference to the lives of children in Adumasa, Bedaase and Chiransa. We will supply you with a colour photo gift card and self seal envelope for you to present to your loved ones.

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