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ADUMASA is the partnership between the Ramseyer Presbyterian Church, ADUM, Kumasi, Ghana and All Saints' Aid, Kingsbridge, Devon, England. It was set up in 1994 to minister the love of God to the people of the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The charity supports approximately 900 children in three villages, Adumasa, Bedaase and Chiransa. We provide one hot meal each school day, clean water, improved educational facilities/opportunities and medical care (where not provided by the state).

Money is raised through regular and one-off donations, through selling Ghanaian handicrafts here in Devon, through supporting schools and through various fund-raising events

Reg. Charity No. 1088297

Project History

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The charity was founded in 1994 by Rosemary Curtis, who died in 2006, when she was confronted by the abject poverty in the rural areas of Ghana and in particular the plight of the children in Adumasa, near Kumasi. The project started by sending pencils and books, but quickly it became apparent that more was needed. The provision of clean water and a feeding programme was implemented, followed by a rebuilding and expansion programme for the school buildings. Two other villages, Bedaase and Chiransa, have since been included in the project, and are at various stages of improvement.

The charity has provided a total of 12 boreholes (in our villages and those surrounding them), has built, rebuilt, or refurbished all the Nursery and Primary School buildings at Adumasa and Bedaase, and has (with funding raised by Kingsbridge Community College students) built a Junior Secondary School at Adumasa (now renamed a Junior High School).

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We completed a new primary block and nursery block at Bedaase in 2005 and have just opened a new school kitchen. We are planning to open a new Junior High School at Bedaase in Sept 2011, by refurbishing some old buildings. There are also plans to provide teachers accomodation at Bedaase to aid retention and recruitment of staff, but in the shorter term will shall be creating a larger 2 classroom Kindergarten...

Chiransa is a our most recent addition to the project. We started feeding the children in October 2005 (after building a basic kitchen and food store) and on the day that Rosemary Curtis died, the machinery arrived to dig the borehole at Chiransa; the people of Chiransa now have safe water to drink. Chiransa now has two new classrooms and two under construction funded by some churches and schools in Austria. Rotary International has also provided new latrines for the village and a water pump in the school grounds. A new Library, Kindergarten and playground were opened in March 2011. Chiransa school would dearly love a proper football pitch....and the land has now been given by the village, so that all that remains is for the pitch to be leveled and seeded with grass... The Queen Mother at Chiransa is also to allocate some land, so that teachers accommodation can be created.

Water pump being constructed

Much work still remains to be done. We are currently raising money to supply books to the new fitted out school libraries at Bedaase and Chiransa. Our current projects are to complete the IT Suite & science lab and create a new seperate library for the Junior High School at Adumasa, and to upgrade old classrooms at Chiransa. Longterm we also have a request for us to build affordable homes to rent for the teachers at Adumasa.

The eventual aim of the charity is that all the schools in Ghana will be self supporting, and the process has been started by the children at Adumasa making a small contribution towards their feeding, and the schools at Bedaase and Chiransa bring firewood and plantains. The government of Ghana now pays for all the teachers up to JHS3, so this reduces our staff costs, the schools also receive a small amount of money from the government each year to buy books, etc for the school. We have also started planting teak trees and cocoa as 'cash crops' at Bedaase, and soon at Chiransa, this will provide money in the future which can be used to support the schools. Once we have completed our building and refurbishment programme, the school buildings should hopefully survive many years without requiring much maintenance.

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See the News section of this site for on-going developments


Kingsbridge Community College support Adumasa Junior Secondary School by fund-raising and six-form students also support the project by working in Adumasa, Bedaase and Chiransa schools during their Gap Year.

Thurlestone Primary School support Adumasa Primary School with fund-raising events; and also have their own pen-pal scheme with children in Ghana.

Another school has joined the twinning programme. West Alvington Primary School near Kingsbridge, is now linked with Bedaase Primary School,in Ghana!

If you would like further information on how you or your school/church, could become linked to one of the schools in Ghana do not hesitate to contact us.

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Registered charity no. 1088297.

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